Thatcham Parochial Charities

Relief In Need

The Thatcham Relief in Need Charity scheme is a small charity which was set up in 1978 by the   Charity Commission. It is an amalgamation of many small legacies left to the community of the old parish of Thatcham over the centuries.

The Charity is able to make small grants for items or facilities that will provide relief for individuals who meet the following criteria:

  • There must be an identified need supported by a professional or recognised agency. The Charity is unable to accept direct applications from individuals seeking support.
  • The recipient/s must reside in Thatcham, Cold Ash, Midgham or Greenham (the ancient parish of Thatcham)
  • Organisations seeking support will need to submit proof that the project to be funded will directly benefit one or more inhabitants of the parishes mentioned above together with proof of financial need.

Grants can be applied for at any time and may be made for any reasonable purpose. Application forms can be obtained from the Clerk and then returned with supporting documents for the consideration of the Trustees.

For further information and application details please contact:

Clerk to the Trustees
Council Office
Brownsfield Road
RG18 3HF

01635 863351


  • Revd Mark Bennet (Team Rector, ex officio)
  • Vivien Druce (Churchwarden, ex officio)
  • Glen Peters (Churchwarden, ex officio)
  • Chris Watts (Churchwarden, ex officio)
  • Brian Wheeler (Cold Ash Parish Council Representative Trustee)
  • Chris Druce (Thatcham Parish Council Representative Trustee; Chairman)
  • Mike Cole (Thatcham Parish Council Representative Trustee)
  • Gary Puffett (Greenham Parish Council Representative Trustee)
  • Prue Fenn (Midgham Parish Council Representative Trustee)