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What does it cost?

As a resident (not a tenant), each occupier is a licensee of the trustees and pays a weekly maintenance contribution charge (WMC)of £105 per week (2021). There is also a weekly charge for heating and hot water - currently £15 for Loundyes and John Hunt's and £19 at Nine Shilling House. These amounts are subjected to a periodic review. Each resident is responsible for their own Council Tax. The trustees meet water rates, part electricity, the cost of a television license and insurance of furniture and effects to the value of £15,000.

They also pay the landline rental of the telephone and provision of the telephone which is linked to the Community Alarm System. The trustees are responsible for all servicing and repairs of water, gas and electrical installations, testing of portable electronic equipment and internal and external decorating.

Applications are welcomed from those who currently reside within the parishes of Thatcham, Greenham, Cold Ash and Midgham. The general age limit is 55 years plus, with most residents nearing or over the retirement age.

The Trust keeps a l

The Trust keeps a list of interested applicants who are assessed by the trustees. This list is reviewed regularly and priority will be given to those most in need at the time the property becomes available, not necessarily in order of application.

A key factor in the assessment of applications is that a resident must be able to look after themselves safely and to live independently, with due allowance to assistance from social services or family support.

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